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We Are D2 Motion

We are a group of engineers and film professionals who are on a mission to make modern robotics and motion control accessible to creators everywhere. We do this by creating platforms which require low logistical and technical overhead to keep up with the fast paced creative process.


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Broadcast & Production in New York, United States

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Alternative Rentals

Rentals & Service in Los Angeles, United States


Motion Picture Robotics

Motion Control & Production in Bristol, United Kingdom

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Clock Work Soldier

Motion Control & Production in New South Wales, Australia

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Motion Control & Production in Queensland, Australia

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DoP Choice

Innovative Film Tools in Munich, Germany


Joker Theory Films

Motion Control & Production in New South Wales, Australia


D1 Studios

Studios & Film Technology in New South Wales, Australia

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Moco Robo

Motion Control & Production in Victoria, Australia

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