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Argo | Motion Control Robot


Argo is a high speed robotic motion control system. It's powerful software can support the design of complex motions on set.


- 1.1 Meter [3.6 Feet] Reach Radias (2.2 Meter [7.2 Feet] Diameter) Arm

- 2 Meter [6.5 feet] and 5.5 meter [18 feet] track available

- 6 Axis Position Control (X, Y, Z, Pan, Tilt, Roll)

- Speeds Up to 5 m/s

- Integrated Lens Control up to 3 Axis (Focus, Iris, Zoom)

- Camera Payload up to 10kg

-  240VAC, Single Phase, ~3500 Watts peak

- Robot Arm Weighs 65Kg

- Robot Arm Plus 2 meter Track Weighs 150Kg

- Robot Arm Plus 5.5 meter Track Weights 300Kg

- Programmed via Computer With Argosoft software

- Built in capability to synchronize with Audio

- Synchronized Relay Outputs Available

- Wheels available for dynamic control (motion can be recorded and repeated)

Argo is programmed on set by setting a sequence of keyframes then designing a path between them. The operator guides the robot to the directed position using a tablet controller and saves positions. The operator then builds a motion path on a connected computer running the Argosoft path planning software.

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