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Stretch | Camera Motion System


Stretch combines all of the versatility you've come to expect from Slim with greater reach, greater speed, and a truly one-of-a-kind balance between portability and capability.


- 1.9m Reach (6.23ft)

- Speeds Up to 3 m/s (1.5-2 m/s practical)

- 6 Axis Position Control (X, Y, Z, Pan, Tilt, Roll)

- Integrated Lens Control up to 3 Axis (Focus, Iris, Zoom)

- Synchronized Outputs Available

- Camera Payload up to 20kgs

- Robot Arm Weighs 65kgs

- No PC or Laptop Required

Stretch can be rapidly programmed on set. The programming starts with setting keyframe positions. This can be done via hand guiding the camera on the robot or operator controls in any combination.

Once keyframes are set, the path is designed using Stretch's path planning tools.

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